Frequently Asked Questions about Piece of Cake - red, white and blue cake

frequently asked Questions

When should I order?
A: Orders for Monday thru Friday should be placed at least
one day in advance.
Saturday orders must be placed by 6:00 PM Friday, and Sunday orders by 5:00 PM Saturday.
We bake extra's of our popular 9” cakes for last minute
orders, but all 7” cakes must be pre-ordered.

Do you decorate or personalize your cakes?
A: We do not decorate or personalize our cakes, but some cakes do have nuts on top
and we are happy to enclose a gift card with a personalized message. We do offer "Toppers" for various occasions.

How many people do your cakes feed?
Heart-shaped cake - FAQ A: The 9” round bundt pound cake feeds approximately 15
The 9” three layer cake feeds approximately 16
The 7" three layer cake feeds approximately 6-8

Do your cakes freeze well?
A: Our cakes freeze beautifully up to three months

How long does a cake stay fresh?
A: As a general rule, our cakes stay fresh at room temperature up to one week.

Should I refrigerate my cake?
A: We do not recommend refrigerating the cakes; it will dry them out.

Do you sell fat free cakes?
A: We do not sell fat free or reduced fat cakes.

Do you sell sugar free cakes?
A: We do not sell sugar free cakes.

Do you ship cakes?
A: Yes. We can ship both pound and 7 inch layer cakes via FedEx anywhere in the United States.

What is your Refund Policy?
A: At Piece of Cake, we take great pride in our products. We want all of our customers to be happy with their purchases. Since all of our baked products are made from scratch by real people, sometimes mistakes can happen. If we caused a problem with your order, we will do all we can to fix it. In order to qualify for a refund of a product picked up at one of our stores, we need to find out about a problem within 2 days of your purchase and we need enough detail to address the problem. If you discover there was a mistake on your end of a shipping or delivery order, such as an incomplete or incorrect address, please call us right away. In some instances, we can fix the delivery problem before your products leave our bakery. Once our products leave our baking facility, it is more difficult to solve problems and many delivery and handling issues are out of our control. We will do all that we can to make you a happy customer, but in some instances we will be unable to issue a refund.

If there is any problem with your Piece of Cake shipped product or with a delivery, please call us as soon as possible at 1-800-9-CAKE-90 (1-800-922-5390). We must be notified of any delivery issues within 5 business days of a shipping date to be able to resolve the problem.

We cannot offer refunds for the following circumstances:

  • An incorrect or incomplete shipping address
  • Weather related delivery issues
  • Cakes which have become unusable due to a recipient’s failure to follow instructions provided with the cake delivery
  • Cakes not removed from packaging in a timely manner (i.e. packages left at an address when someone is out of town)
  • Delivery problems beyond our control.

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